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I am Youngwoo Cho, an adventure photographer, and a science writer. I have had more than 100 scientific adventures or travel on this planet so far. It includes Western Australia and Northern Territory, Australia; northern Canada; southern and southeastern China; northern and southern Japan; Gobi Desert, Mongolia; Hawaii, California, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Missouri, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico Texas in USA; Thailand; and South Korea. 

I am currently a graduate geologist and teaches Introductory Earth Science and Planetary Geology at Mississippi State University. 

My photography is focused on the scientific adventure. For example, I have had geology, astrobiology, astronomy field trips to the places listed above. I have also been writing about my scientific adventures for the blogs and magazines. Please contact me through my email for an adventure or a photography project. youngwoochophotography@gmail.com